WHEP Program a Win-Win for California Rice Waterbirds

Cary Blake, Western Farm Press,

 April 8, 2013   WHEP program a win

The Montna farming family of Dingville, CA., successfully integrates commercial rice production on its 3,000 acres of land with habitat enhancement practices which benefits waterbirds, thanks to a partnership with California’s Natural Resources Conservaton Services (NRCS).

SLO Country Magazine Article

Why rice is not grown in San Luis Obispo County

Published Summer 2011

With the bounty of agriculture products in San Luis Obispo County, you many wonder why rice is not a local crop. After all, thousands of varieties grow in more than 100 countries as a staple food for over half the world’s population, and rice has fed more people a longer period than any other crop. But the climate and resources determine where rice can grow – and SLO County lacks the warm summer nights, vast level acreage and water necessary to flood fields.

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Leopold Conservation Award 2010

“Sand County Foundation presents its Leopold Conservation Award to a private landowner who exemplifies the spirit of this emerging land ethic – an individual or a family who translates their deep abiding love for the land by leaving their land better than they found it.”   …Sand County Foundation


Leopold Conservation Award 2010

Going Solar: Montna Farms adds acres of panels to ease off the power grid

By Ashley Gebb

, Appeal Democrat • February 13, 2009 12:09:16 AM

The sun isn’t just helping grow rice at Montna Farms — it is drying the grains, too.

The farming operation has partnered with MMA Renewable Ventures and SolarCity to help get off the grid. Montna Farms, which is one of the largest suppliers of short-grain rice in the United States, plans to supply 65 percent of its energy needs with two acres of solar panels.

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